Wire EDM - Start Points

edited October 14 in Dolphin CAD-CAM

There are 2 solutions to this.

Firstly we can specify a Pilot hole (location to start the wire threading) by using the Options tab on the Goround dialogue box.


This will create a new start position for the wire. So the sequence of events will be.

  • Machine starts at XY zero
  • Rapid to Pilot hole
  • Stop, Thread wire
  • Start machining from the pilot hole onto the profile (set by the lead in/out tab) using the settings under the Approach tab
  • Machine profile
  • Return to Pilot hole
  • Stop
  • Cut wire
  • Start – machine will rapid back to XY zero

The second method is to create your own Pilot hole positions on the drawing, see this video for details.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y95MIJY5Hk8
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