PartMaster - License Activation

1. Install PartMaster on your PC.
2. Set the License Manager to “Run this as an administrator”. To do this, find the License Manager Icon on your Desktop and right-click, then choose Properties > Compatibility and check the box at the bottom. Failure to do this will result in an “Access denied” message, or a request for a PIN.
3. Run PartMaster License Manager again
4. From the Top menu choose “License
5. From the list click License “Request a New License
6. Complete the form and save the request file
7. Email the Request License file to Dolphin CADCAM
8. We will email you an Activate License file
9. Run PartMaster License Manager
10. From the menu click License > Install License file
11. Browse to your Activate License file, your license is activated.

The licensing procedure in detail:

1) Install PartMaster CAD/CAM on your PC. A temporary 30-day license will be installed, at any time during this 30-day period or after you can follow the instructions below.

2) Prior to running the License Manager, you will need to set it to be run as an Administrator.

3) To do this, find the License Manager icon on your Desktop Right click the mouse, and you will see this list  from the list choose Properties > Compatibility > towards the bottom of the dialogue check the box “Run this as an administrator” Then click Apply then OK

4) Run the License Manager again and you will see this dialogue which will show details of the temporary License and when it will expire.

5) From the main menu click License > Request a new license

6) This will display this dialogue box. Please complete this form in full; if we do not receive all of your details we cannot issue a license.

7) Click OK and you will see the File Save dialogue box

8) The License Manager will generate a license file – RequestLicense(code).xml. The (code) part of the request file will be specific to your PC. The Request file will be saved into the folder Documents > DolphinCADCAM > License Manager


10) Email the Request license file that has been generated to Dolphin Cadcam.

11) We will use the license file that you sent to create a license file that contains an activation code for your PC.

12) We will then email you this activation file to the email address you specified when you requested the license.

13) Save the file ActivateLicense(code).xml that was emailed to you into the Documents > DolphinCADCAM > License Manager folder on your hard drive.

14) Run the License Manager, you will see this screen

15) From the menu choose License > Install License file. You will see this information panel

16) Click “Yes” to install your license

17) Browse to the folder that you saved the activate file into, then select the ActivateLicense(code).xml file that we emailed to you, then click Open

18) When the license has been installed you will see this message If you have issues with the process, please contact us at giving details of your license.

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