AXISVM X7r3 - New Features in Existing modules (Part 2)


Animation of section plane of soil (GIF)

The program continuously moves the selected section plane across the entire soil model, displaying the values of the set result components. This provides a comprehensive view of the stresses and deformations occurring in the soil model.

Arbitrary movement of the section plane parallel to itself

Similar to the section plane animation, any section plane can be moved arbitrarily with a specified step size parallel to itself, provides a detailed view of the stresses and deformations in the soil model.

Labeling of result components of the soil model in the section plane

Labeling of result components in every intersected solid finite element.

Pressure-only soil-baseplate interaction in nonlinear analysis


Consideration of extreme snow loads during automatic load generation can be set among standard parameters

Custom setting of µ1 snow load shape coefficient
The snow load shape coefficient µ1 can be modified for flat and mono-pitch roofs.

Roof panels with snow guards


Snow guards can be assigned to roof panels, with the exception of cylindrical roofs.


Moment-resisting beam joint with end plate

Beam-to-beam connection with end plate joints. Detailed design calculation is available on request.

Moment-resisting beam-column joint

Moment-resisting beam-column joints with an optional diagonal welded plate. Detailed design calculation is available on request.

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