AXISVM X7r3 - New Features in Basic Packages


Separate definition of the outer and inner radii of curvature of thin-walled sections (optional)

Depending on the production method, thin-walled sections can be specified with different inner and outer radii.

New ‘I cross’ section formation

Custom section composed of two different profiles.

Parametric Z section

A parametric Z section is available in the cross-section editor


Animations are played directly in the model view

Using the animation palette, animations can be started directly within the active window. The resolution of animations can be adjusted and saved.

Turntable animation

With the turntable animation, it is possible to rotate the model by 360 degrees or a specified angle, and then save the animation.


Moving loads

Can be set not only a uniform steps, but also steps according to a given distance.

Automatic self-weight load case

A new self-weight load case is available, which automatically includes the self-weight load of all structural elements in the model.

Merging loads

Allows for merging separate load cases from the same group into a single load case.


Analysis parameters in the Tables

The initial parameters of the nonlinear/vibration/dynamic analysis performed are summarized in the Tables.


Additional option for domain eccentricities

When setting the eccentricities assigned to domains, the user can specify whether they should be taken into account in the calculation or only included in the drawing as a visual effect.

Spring characteristics of edge hinges

Allows for the definition of edge hinges with spring characteristics, different static and vibration stiffness, and complex/complex nonlinear behaviour modelling.


Automatic calculation of the shear center of the structure

The program automatically calculates the shear center of the levels, which are displayed when the model is built.


Buckling analysis for selected model parts (NL package) 

The entire structure is included in the analysis, however, the elements not included in the examined parts only act as elastic supports. As a result, only the buckling modes of the selected elements appear.

RC Design

Cutting of shear force peaks over columns 

The program cuts the shear force peak above the columns when displaying the stresses of the surface elements.



Documentation of material and cross-section data 

The documentation of the material and cross-section is refreshed in a new, clear structure and is available in the Report maker when creating PDF files or printing.

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