RC1 module

Utilization of result components for the actual reinforcement

The utilization of the actual reinforcement is determined based on the capacity curve of the cross-section.

RC2 module

Optional consideration of torsion in the design of RC columns

In the design of reinforced concrete columns, the check for torsion can be switched on/off.

RC2 module

Enhanced shear check of reinforced concrete columns

The biaxial shear check can be disabled in the verification of the RC columns. In addition to the linear summation, a parabolic relationship can also be used for verification.

RC3 module

Punching check considering connecting ribs

The punching check is also available for columns with connecting ribs.

RC3 module

Punching check of column-reinforced wall ends/corners

The punching check of wall ends/corners can be performed even if a column is connected to the wall end/corners.

RC4 module

Additional options for the design of footings

The range of verifications taken into account in the design of footings has been extended. The footings can be designed based on a specified set of verifications.

RC4 module

Verification of footings against uplift

If an upward force acts on the footing, the program checks whether the self-weight of the footing counterbalances the corresponding external force.

SC1 module

Moment-resisting beam joint with end plate

Beam-to-beam connection with end plate joints. Detailed design calculation is available on request.

SC1 module

Moment-resisting beam-column joint

Moment-resisting beam-column joints with an optional diagonal welded plate. Detailed design calculation is available on request.

SWG module

Custom setting of µ1 snow load shape coefficient
The snow load shape coefficient µ1 can be modified for flat and mono-pitch roofs.

SWG module

Roof panels with snow guards

Snow guards can be assigned to roof panels, with the exception of cylindrical roofs.

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