Dolphin CAD-CAM, the smart, affordable and reliable solution!

dolphin CAD-CAM

Dolphin CAD-CAM is the CAM solution for milling, turning and wire edm, with assisted programming and simulation of the path and all the equipment’s kinematics.

Dolphin CAD-CAM has an intuitive, easy and very quick-to-learn interface. The workflow is very streamlined and it has very powerful and comprehensive functionalities. Dolphin CAD-CAM is compatible with various types of CNC equipment, such as horizontal and/or vertical milling machines or machining centers, lathes of various configurations, wire edm machines and various types of 2D work equipment such as plasma cutting, water jet cutting, laser cutting and many other types of machines.

The calculation for the tool path is carried out, taking into account all the kinematics of the machine and its physical limits, in order to prevent collisions and respect the existing limits in each of the equipment’s axes.

The software is supplied with standard post-processors or adapted to each piece of equipment. You can contact CADsoft for more information. You can contact CADsoft for more information.

We develop CAD/CAM systems, for several types of CNC machines, equipment and configurations, such as milling machines, lathes, wire-edm, and other 2D equipment.