Milling Basic

The Milling Basic module is a package designed to create precise, efficient and reliable programs for CNC milling machines and/or machining centers, both vertical and horizontal. This is a fully interactive program environment where you don’t need to learn any programming language and where geometry can be created in the software or imported via DXF files. As with the other Dolphin modules, we do not charge any mandatory annual fees.

Milling Standard

The Milling Standard module has a fully interactive working environment, without the need for any specific programming knowledge. The geometry can be created in the software or imported via IGES, STEP and DXF files. The program supports various types of CNC equipment in different configurations. The advanced machining functions include various options for different directions, surfaces and/or curves, Z-axis profiles, as well as deceleration options, among others.

Milling Professional

This version offers many advanced features for the most demanding and experienced users. Geometry can be created in the program or imported using the various formats available, such as IGES, STEP, STL and/or DXF. This version is not only easy to use, but also affordable enough for any budget. Other advanced features include: Complete machine tool simulation, various types of 3D paths, surfaces of revolution or defined by two curves, etc. Prices are for permanent licenses.

Lathe Basic

The entry-level version of Lathe Basic has been developed to create complete programs for NC and CNC lathes and/or turning centers. There is no need to learn a programming language and all the necessary geometry is extracted automatically from a CAD drawing created directly in the software or imported via a DXF file. Software prices are for permanent licenses.

Lathe Standard

This more advanced version for lathe machining includes all the features of the basic version and allows 3D files to be imported using the available formats, as well as some advanced types of machining. This module is ideal for users who need some more advanced functions. All software prices are for permanent licenses, with no mandatory annual fee.

Wire EDM

This module allows you to prepare programs for this type of CNC equipment, both 2-axis and 4-axis. The geometry can be created in-house or imported in DXF, IGES or STEP formats. 2-axis profiles, tapered profiles and complete 4-axis profiles can be machined, and input and output cuts are generated automatically. Defining multiple passes is very simple, just specify the number of passes and the offset values. The system will generate a complete program with all the associated G41/G42 commands and appropriate settings for the controller/generator.