Dolphin CAD-CAM


Speed up your work with a CAD/CAM system that is very quick to learn but extremely powerful, choose Dolphin CAD-CAM

Great care has been taken to make it simple and logical to use, in order to speed up the creation of G-code, from simple to complex parts, for various operations such as milling, turning, wire edm and other types of 2D work..

Technical specifications:

  • Creation of NC programs for various types of equipment
  • Wide range of strategies, for many types of machining
  • Common interface, for all types of operation
  • Machining is calculated automatically and used in subsequent operations
  • Easy to create NC programs
  • Optimized paths
  • Compatibility with various CAD software
  • Post-processor creation included
  • Path calculation for any level of accuracy
  • Collision analysis
  • Existing library with post-processors
  • Realistic machining simulation
  • Easy to use
  • Almost non-existent learning curve
  • Free for version upgrades
  • Extremely fast return on investment
  • Technical support

Dolphin CAD-CAM is a system designed to generate CNC programs for machining all kinds of parts in multi-axis operations in milling, turning, wire edm machines, plasma cutting, water jet cutting and more. The system allows the creation of CNC programs with many types of kinematic layout and can be used on many different types of existing CNC equipment.

Technological sophistication and a wide range of machines and tool types make Dolphin CAD-CAM an efficient system for producing dies and cutters, casting molds, plastic and metal injection molds, prototypes, machine parts, all kinds of metalworking parts with varying degrees of complexity, wood models, engravings or inscriptions, among many other possibilities and areas of industry.

Dolphin CAD-CAM is revolutionizing the world of CAM systems, as it provides professional solutions at a fraction of the price of other software on the market. Customers are our priority and their success means everything to us! You can count on CADsoft.

The main focus is on developing the functionalities that customers need, in very close collaboration. Our low production prices translate into an unbeatable cost for the market and probably the best price/quality ratio on the market. We don’t spend money on expensive marketing and/or advertising and we don’t waste our time developing esoteric functions that will never be used by our customers.

Dolphin CAD-CAM reduces cycle and programming times. It allows you to tackle complex tasks with confidence in success. Error-free programs, first time, with 100% guaranteed correct cycle times. Make your business competitive and profitable with Dolphin CAD-CAM. Ask us how.

Count on efficient programs, interchangeable between machines, compact programs with fixed cycles and sub-programs for repetitive operations.
Reduce the skill level of your programmers. Graphical and conversational screens make it possible to reduce the skills required of programmers. Any operator with a basic knowledge of machining can carry out the programming, always with our support.


Loaded with state-of-the-art CAD-CAM technology, our milling packages have everything you need to start designing and machining. The user has complete resources available for creating geometry, as well as 2.5 and 3-axis paths, advanced simulation tools and the ability to generate NC code.


There are various machining strategies for the tool, all of which are very efficient. Everything is possible, from simple 2-axis or 2.5-axis cutting to more complex multi-axis machining. This application is a complete solution for design and machining in woodworking, engraving, nesting, advertising and much more.

Plasma, Laser and Waterjet Cutting

These functions are for laser, plasma and waterjet CNC machines, with various design tools and advanced machining paths, so you can handle the most complex jobs with ease. Fully customizable, this system gives you total control over how your parts are cut.


Designing and programming jobs for your CNC turning centers has never been easier. The new Dolphin CAD-CAM Lathe system gives you the power to quickly create highly efficient toolpaths for all roughing, finishing, threading, bleeding and other operations.

Wire EDM

Designed for precision manufacturing and cutting of metal alloys, the new Wire Edm module allows you to program 2-axis and 4-axis machining paths, with an extremely tight tolerance level, for open and/or closed, internal and external cuts.


Turn your artistic imagination into a production reality with Dolphin. You can do almost anything, from importing files with the geometry you want, to creating them in-house. It’s essential for sign makers, woodworkers and others.

Dolphin-CAM is a modular program. Below is a summary.

Lathe v15BasicStandard
Import DXF filesYY
Automatic Gouge free machiningYY
Constant Surface Speed ControlYY
Canned cycles for DrillingYY
Supports 2 axis lathes with either a rear or front turretYY
Multiple Tooling databases with user configurable toolsYY
Several Tool typesYY
Display tool center line or complete tool animation with tool holderYY
Automatic area clearance between billet and finished profileYY
Facility for defining stock such as a casting or forged blankYY
Separate finishing allowance in Z and XYY
Grooving cycles for face and diameterYY
Cycle time estimatesYY
Operator set-up sheetsYY
Part surface programmingYY
Supports Bar feeders and pullers and Part catchers. Chuck open / closeNY
Programmable tailstocksNY
Canned cycles (G71 & G72)NY
RS232 communication packageNY
Import IGES and STEP filesNY
Full Machine Tool SimulationNY
Milling v15BasicStandardProfessional
2D CAD ModuleYYY
3D CAD drawingNNY
Import IGES & STEP for 2.5D MachiningNYY
Import IGES, STEP and STL for 3D MachiningNNY
Area Clear with islandsYYY
Profile MillingYYY
Drilling - Peck, Deep, Bore, Ream, TapYYY
Text EngravingYYY
Text Engraving onto SurfaceNNY
V Carve True Type fonts & ProfilesNNY
Face MillingYYY
Z ProfilingNYY
4th Axis wrappingNYY
Rotary A or B axis Roughing & FinishingNNY
Merge between top and bottom contoursNYY
Tool radius compensationYYY
Tool length compensationYYY
Tool LibrariesYYY
Ramp HelicalNYY
Ramp Linear and ZigzagYYY
Lead in & lead out controlYYY
Cycle time estimatesNYY
Copy n Paste between drawings & programsYYY
RS232 Communications moduleNYY
Advanced Machining - Rough and FinishingNNY
Trochoidal – Rough and FinishingNNY
Rotary RoughingNNY
Rotary FinishingNNY
Adaptive Toolpaths – Roughing & FinishingNNY
Adaptive Feed rates NNY
Residual Stock machining (REST) – Roughing & FinishingNNY